January 4th, 2013


Today is the day

I will do something new

Like climb a tree

And make a new friend, or a few


Today is the day

I will climb out of my bed

Without my mom yelling

Or alarm ringing over my head


Today is the day

I will learn a new trick

Ride a unicycle

And make a tent with bricks


I will invite my new friends

For some afternoon tea

Share silly stories

In my tent, underneath the tree


Then I will teach them

How to ride the unicycle

On top of hundreds of bottles

And other items for recycle


We will laugh and play

Until the sun comes down

Until birds stops singing 

Until mom yells, “come back, now!”


Wow, what a wonderful day

Because today is today

As I drift fast asleep

I dream that everyday will be today

October 7th, 2012

Playing in a Band

One two and one two three

Would you like to play band with me?

Grab two twigs sit on that rock

Make a rhythm on the hollow log

Do you know how to sing like birds?

Listen closely they must be heard

Blow through your lips follow their tune

Practice and you’ll get it soon!


Can you make music with four strings?

Tie the straw grass to two twigs

Pluck each straw one by one

Make nice sounds in no time


Let me show you how to play xylophone

Line the rocks in order by size by tone

Grab two sticks and relax your shoulders

Tap each rock and repeat over and over


Now we are ready to all come together

Follow rhythm and dynamics to mother nature

Beat to raindrops and woodpeckers

And tune to wind and voices of creatures

August 20th, 2011
Found this through my mess as I was moving into my new dorm - yay! Created in 2009.
p.s. you must READ in an “alien” (high-pitched monotone) voice as you go through it.

Found this through my mess as I was moving into my new dorm - yay! Created in 2009.

p.s. you must READ in an “alien” (high-pitched monotone) voice as you go through it.

August 9th, 2011

To rhyme or not to rhyme


In response to people who have complained that I don’t rhyme 

maybe you people are right

Perhaps I find rhyming too hard

Or perhaps I am not too bright


SO I looked up on wikipedia

To find justification of my bad rhyming

And I guess I would able to illustrate my ideas

Through the following explaining:


1. There is perfect rhyme, and general rhyme…i generally use general rhyme

and sometimes perfect rhyme - well only from time to time..


In the general sense, general rhyme can refer to various kinds of phonetic similarity between words, and to the use of such similar-sounding words in organizing verse. Rhymes in this general sense are classified according to the degree and manner of the phonetic similarity”

And there are many many KINDS of general rhyme: Syllabic, imperfect, semirhyme, oblique, assonance, consonace, half rhyme, alliteration.

Such rules allow me to make teething “general rhyme” with seeding!

…There are also other options like perfect rhyme, eye rhyme, and mind rhyme



2. There are also various rhyming schemes - so not every other line have to rhyme:


…I am too lazy to figure out all the multifarious ways of rhyme patterns, so I will claim that I use a “combination of schemes” which seems to be inclusive of all types :D 


August 1st, 2011

Eat Pi



My brother and I just spent half an hour memorizing the 1st 50 numbers of pi. Talking about having nothing to do. Just recited to dad together - tehe!


Me: Fang, you are like pi. SO irrational.

Fang: Fang Pi, hehehe so mature

July 24th, 2011

Look what I dug up from my house! These are two pages from my high school freshman English project based on the novel “House on Mango Street.” Each student had to make a packet that shows his/her family dynamic. My theme was “my life is like apples and bananas.”

As you can probably tell I had NO idea what I was doing, mainly because I procrastinated (that never changed). The English teacher ended up making a bunch of copies of my packet for his subsequent years, and he didn’t tell me this until senior year!

(I fully acknowledge now how stupid my poem is haha…I’ll try to write better ones)

July 22nd, 2011

New to my Bucketlist

Ride on a parabolic flight: http://www.gozerog.com/

…who knew calculus is so cool?

To be a King


When I was a child I had big dreams

To be not a queen but a fantastical king

Standing on a castle with a thousand soldiers

Who were really animals fighting on my team


I ruled in the land of Candysalavia

Where my castle stacked of chocolate bricks

Housing more sweets than that of Wonka’s

And I can eat it all without getting sick


At night my castle transforms into a rocketship

I become the co-captain with a monkey named Pip

In gravity-free space I swim and do flips

My hair flying everywhere, gosh I need a clip!


Not before long we land on Planet Ihatetests

The planet was shaped like a school desk

The drawer opens and lets us in

Inside marched millions of miniature men


They were friendly but only one-inch tall

All wore black glasses and white antenna hats

They serve children through telepathic calls

Only those nervous on exams, never brats


Good thing I don’t need to worry about exams

In a distance I hear a women calling my name

“Wake up!” She says, “you need to finish your test!”

Aw man, that was only a dream…


Note: In kindergarden, I really did believe there were hundreds of tiny invisible men living in school desks. I would put one of my ear on the desk to listen to them everyday. Boy was I a confused child.

July 19th, 2011


I wish I live in the city

In an apartment with a kitty

On the 28th floor lights outside so pretty

So relaxed, yet so giddy


My ceiling not so high

But I live so high I can touch the sky

Inside I feel so fly

This is my life yes all mine


I painted my walls all blue

But every week I change the hue

I change the placement of my furniture too

I do it for me and for you


Last Friday I met you at the bar

Then again with your flivvy, interesting car

We rendezvoused at Central Park

Next to a bench underneath the stars


My kitty and your pup

Dragged us to a coffee shop

We decided to Broadway show hop

We did it, until caught by NYPD cops


In the city there are no rules

I can be me and you can be you

Dressed as a Martian living on the moon

Every hour, dancing to a different tune


But from the sky I fall down down

Because really, I live in a small town

Population just four-hundred count

My imagination, however, never stay ground


July 12th, 2011

The EGGsplosion Mystery

Heres the background story. I guess I could call today a really good day, which is just anything that is more exciting than an average day in Almaden Valley. A friend took us to Vasona Lake County Park, which is only 6mi from Almaden yet none of us knew about it until recently.

While my 3 friends canoed, I opted for stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) because I really liked it last time I did it at Newport. Its a relaxing sport really, where you stand on a floating device very much like a padded surfboard, only 1.5x larger and thicker, and just cruise on the calm water. (Paddleboard surfing on the other hand is a whole different mountain).  Some lady warned me to not “go out on the open water because it can get windy and make you loose balance.” I ignored her - how bad can it be? 

So I did paddle to the open water. And I did fall in the lake. Only because I ran into a fishing line and was too late avoiding it, so I won’t give the lady any points. Made a huge commotion and saw people who were walking and biking stopping by just to stare at me, along w/ people already on the benches watching. Finally I grabbed on the board, pulled myself up and jumped onto my legs unsteadily but not falling. Everyone who was watching clapped. At least I put on a good show.

Because I was already wet, I decided not to care whether or not I fall again/get dirty. So I proceeded to paddle to the small island in the middle of the lake “to a place no man has gone before!” And through its long, wild shrubs I saw - EGGS!! Ones that were pearl white and twice as large as a chicken egg so you know it’s either a duck or goose egg. And I was so eggcited that I hopped off my board and ran to it. Bad idea. Bird poop was EVERwhere and it was smelly. However with my friends’ encouragement from a protected distance in their sheltered canoe, I mustered courage and headed to the center of the island. Luckily I spotted 5 eggs in a nest closer the the edge. These eggs were different - uglier and dirty, with one already broken with yoke flowing out and hardened. But I took one anyway. Yes, by this time I have thought I must be a horrible person for taking it, and it’s gross, and I am risking a bird chasing me…but…I did it…and my friend Mona said her mom will cook it for dinner.

@11:09 tonight Mona called me:

"OMG. I have to tell you a story. I just got home (her family left for 5 hrs), and as soon as we got in, we smelled this rotten smell that pervaded our whole house. At first we thought it was the turtles, but I checked and it wasn’t it. Then my sister found the source of smell - the place where I put the egg and now it’s just broken egg shells. I thought the duck had hatched and I was scared so I ran outside! But there was no duck. Basically the egg exploded! Anyways, the house smells REALLY bad."

Moral of the story: don’t take eggs from the wild. Sorry PETA, I learned my lesson. On the light side, I paddled next to a mama duck and a dozen of her ducklings. It was so nice!

Now, can anyone explain how an egg just explode out of the blue?